Lebanon Places to Visit


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Lebanon Places to Visit



Beirut is not only the capital of Lebanon, but some say the Paris of the Middle East, blending the best of the East and West. This city is steeped in rich historic districts as well as contemporary ones. Here are some things you can do in this high-spirited city: 







Baalbek is known as Heliopolis aka “Sun City” of the ancient world and is located 86km away from Beirut. The town has some of the oldest and best-preserved ancient sites in the middle east. Here are some places worth visiting if you visit Baalbek: 







Byblos (known as Jbail in Arabic) is a medieval town with a beautiful fishing port and historic harbor. This lively town has a range of things to do: 







Sidon (known as Sayda in Arabic) is the third-largest city in Lebanon and the largest city in Southern Lebanon. Since the Persian era it has been acknowledged as the “city of gardens” and today the city remains surrounded by citrus and banana plantations. This vibrant commercial city has a variety of places worth visiting: 







Faraya means “the land of fruits and vegetables” in the ancient Phoenician language. It is located 46 km north of Beirut when visiting Lebanon in early Spring one can enjoy the beach in Beirut and then head up to Ski in Faraya. Here’s a list of things to do in this town: 

Baalbek was founded in November 2015 in Budapest. Our restaurant’s name, Baalbek, was inspired by the sun-city in Lebanon. We may moved to a new venue, but our hospitality stayed the same!

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